Medium: UI & UX Design + Adobe Illustrator
Dimensions: 1080 by 1920 px
Course Instructor: Pro. Fahimeh Daneshgar

After analyzing the graphic structures and online ticket sale systems of the Pompidou Centre and Guggenheim Museum in NYC, I designed an online ticket selling system for the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. The first page was divided into three sections: today, tomorrow, and choose from the calendar.
The purchase process was divided into five steps, with their icons shown in the picture. In this process, the most important points were the separation of the steps, the connection among the internal contents of the pages, step-by-step changes, and achieving the final result with the least complexity.
Based on the visual identity of the museum, I chose the blue color spectrum, and to enhance legibility, I used a bright background.
A similar style was used to design the icons.