Medium: Illustration + Photo montage + Adobe Illustrator
Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

Ordered by Tehran Municipality, his poster was designed to celebrate the Iranian New Year (Nowruz), being celebrated over 7000 years in Iran.
Nowruz is the beginning of spring and is a symbol of nature rebirth.
In designing this poster, major Haft-seen elements such as fish and Hyacinthus were used as symbols of blessing and happiness. Generally, in ancient Iranian culture, life concepts were depicted through symbols influential on human life. Therefore, by drawing two wings and a butterfly, happiness following the new year was depicted.
I used black pen drawing through photomontage while designing. In Iranian belief, white is a symbol of happiness, so I used it as the background color; other colors were used as broken lights in photography. For the title, I intended to create feelings of difference and transformation through typography, similar to handwriting.