Medium: Photography + Adobe Illustrator
Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm
Course Instructor: Pro. Masoumeh Inanloo

These photos were parts of a collection called “Become a Butterfly, a Little More” for my B.A. thesis project titled “The Role of Imagination in Graphics, from Pictorial and Photographic Point of View.” In this collection, I designed a poster and calendar to depict a woman metaphorically and ironically, focusing on feminine symbolism in Iranian culture.
Since every year is a cycle beginning with birth and metamorphosis and ending with fall and cold followed by another rebirth, I believe an Iranian woman experiences this continuous rebirth in herself, similar to the transformation of a larva into a butterfly. For this reason, in all photos, I photographed the model behind the curtain (metaphorical depiction of hijab in Islamic belief) and used warm, feminine colors as a positive look to this transformation in every state. The flower was a feminine symbol and showed her thinking about herself.
Since changes and transformation could be difficult and accompanied by pain, I used red as the symbol of blood and pain.
To present higher detailed clarity and detachment from the main photo, I chose a black background to show the information about the poster.