The poster shown in the opposite side has been prepared for “Nowrouz” and ordered by Tehran Municipality.
“Nowrouz” is an Iranian historical holiday celebrated every year on the first day of Farvardin (March 21st), first day of spring in Iranian Calendar, as the beginning of New Year. Beginning of New Year is celebrated with "Haft Seen" table set in homes of Iranians (seven items the name of which starts with “S”).
Along with these items, such symbols as mirror, gold fish, flower (mostly hyacinth) and the Quran are also placed on the table. All of these items are symbols of affluence, prosperity, and happiness in Iranian culture. This is the biggest holiday in Iran, celebration of which takes about 13 days. Using all these symbols and lively colors, I tried to create a surreal image of the celebration with Iranian motifs and hand-drawn typography.